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Certified Organic, Free Range and Grass Fed

Warilba is certified organic by Australian Certified Organic. This fully independent audit process ensures that you’re always getting genuine organic produce.

Organic lambs are entirely grass fed and finished. They are all raised entirely ‘free range’ and never confined, living their entire lives roaming freely in organic pasture.

Every animal was proudly raised without the use of synthetic chemicals, GMOs, added hormones or antibiotics – ever!

Look for the trusted ACO bud logo on all Warilba organic products. It’s your independent guarantee.

100% Carbon Neutral

Warilba organic lamb is 100% carbon neutral from our farms to butchers.

We work hard to ensure the natural patterns that create our landscape remain as they have always been, keeping the country healthy and productive. Warilba Lamb officially achieved carbon neutral status in June 2019 when our business became a NoCO2 business under the NoCO2 program of the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI). CRI audits businesses internationally to the United Nations standards on greenhouse gas emissions.

We’ve invested carefully in carbon offsets to compensate for the carbon footprint that we do have and continue to reduce emissions at every opportunity.

High Animal Welfare Environment

Raised entirely in organic pasture where they are always free to roam, Warilba lamb has the flavour and tenderness that only comes from farming the traditional way.

As part of Hewitt Foods we have a simple approach: we treat animals well, treat people well, and treat the land well. All backed by the most rigorous external certification process. When you take your time and leave it to nature, you get naturally better lamb.